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Aerial Yoga Swing – Review

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Are you a beginner into yoga trapeze? Then you might still be looking for a swing/hammock that suits you. There are a lot of options to the point of confusion thus it is important to know what the most important feature one should go after. A yoga swing should support you in different inverted poses, make sure you have proper alignment while doing the poses, and help reduce the discomfort.

Another thing to consider when buying a yoga swing/hammock is the size (it should put up your body size), weight capacity (it can support your weight and not break), portability (can be easily transported), and warranty (an indicator that the swing is built to last). It is okay to spend a little more for a yoga swing set but if there are more affordable option with the same quality as those over a hundred dollars, you should opt for the cheaper one.


A comfortable and dependable swing set that will surely give you the traction your spine needs all the while holding you securely. The kit includes extra-large carabiners, adjustable daisy chain extension straps, two portable stow bags (for the yoga trapeze and daisy chain) made of silky parachute material and a quick set-up card with beginner or advanced e-book that will be emailed. Ropes and knots are eliminated with the XL smooth stainless steel carabiners and climber strength daisy chains taking their places. It streamlined the hanging process with fewer pieces. Setting it up had become easier, less complicated and worry-free making it a perfect starter swing.


  • Affordable price
  • Great quality
  • Sturdy and lightweight


  • Limited color option
  • No mounting instructions


Other yoga swings use small carabiners and lacks setting up instructions which make the whole thing difficult to figure out especially for beginners. With Yogatail, it aims to have a yoga swing set that is above and beyond. This inversion trapeze is unlike others in a good way. It eliminates extra pieces replacing them with extra-large carabiners and adjustable daisy chain straps, resulting in a higher load capacity. The quick set-up card makes installation easier making each session worthwhile. Yogatail’s yoga trapeze kit is eco-friendly and built to last which also means you can enjoy using it for a long, long time.

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