Aerial Yoga Swing – Ultra Strong Antigravity Yoga Hammock/Trapeze/Sling Review

Aerial Yoga Swing – Ultra Strong Antigravity Yoga Hammock/Trapeze/Sling Review

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Are you into yoga? Then have you heard of yoga trapeze? It is a yoga suspension system with a swing-like contraption aids you in getting into different positions. Watching one do this is like watching a circus show! But aside from it looking badass and cool, what other benefits can an individual reap from this seemingly dangerous exercise? Well, it’s all good stuff and you simply have to push, pull, and hold. Yoga trapeze strengthens the core and upper body, invigorates the back, lengthens the spine, and sends fresh oxygen to the brain. It also assists the body in doing deeper backbends that cannot be easily done in normal circumstances. Trapezing can be done outdoors under the sun or indoors under the roof. You can choose to do it alone or in teams. And if you decide to join the club, you might want to have your own yoga sling.


To be able to execute each yoga trapeze poses, it is important to pick a high-quality yoga hammock. This aerial yoga swing is perfect for inversion exercises. It is vibrantly colored, created from high strength parachute material fabric, and has a swing set. The multi-loop climber strength daisy chains have a capacity of 200 lbs. thus ensuring your safety. Handles are padded to provide comfort and avoid your hands and feet from suffering. It also withstands any hard push and pulls while inverted. So you can ease yourself and feel secure with these features. All these are packed in a black stowaway pouch enabling you to bring it anywhere, you can do yoga trapeze wherever and whenever you want.


  • Comes in different color options
  • Easy to switch out
  • Very sturdy
  • Affordable price


  • No mounting hardware
  • No instructions and set-up guide


If you are just starting in yoga trapeze and is looking for your first yoga swing, this is one of the best choices. The helpful customer service is also a big help if you find yourself confused in setting up instructions. As for the mounting hardware, you can just purchase it separately at a cheap price. It might be hard to get comfortable on it but after a few tries, you’ll get used to it. Use it on a regular basis and reap the awesome benefits of inversion therapy all the while witnessing how this high-quality swing endures your weight and stretches.

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