Antigravity Yoga Hammock – Aerial Trapeze – Sling – Review

Antigravity Yoga Hammock – Aerial Trapeze – Sling – Review

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If you want to take yoga to the next level, yoga trapeze should be the next thing to try. Get upside down, do some tricks, and give your spine the exercise it needs. You might ask what yoga trapeze is anyway and what makes it different from the usual yoga on the mat?
Yoga trapeze, also known as yoga swing, is a swing-like contraption that acts as a tool that allows one to hang from while doing yoga postures and muscle strengthening techniques. The biggest benefit of this is that it lengthens the space between the vertebrae. Compression of the spine is the reason for back pain thus practicing yoga trapeze which is a natural inversion therapy is an effective way to treat a bad back.
This technique also helps supply the brain with fresh oxygen. Will you try yoga trapeze? If you’re thinking of doing yoga trapeze tricks then you need your own sling.


In order to maximize the health benefits of yoga trapeze and minimize the chances of getting injured, one needs to have a trusted yoga swing. This anti-gravity yoga hammock sling can be used anywhere may it be in a yoga studio, at home, or outside. It can be used as professional equipment for different levels of yoga trapeze and also doubles as a hammock for a comfortable nap or rest. The carry bag includes 6 EVA handles, 2 hanging straps, 4 heavy duty carabineers, and a beginner PDF guide. Note that it can withstand a weight of up to 400 pounds and is suitable for both men and women.


  • With PDF beginner guide and carry bag
  • Sturdy carabineers
  • Super soft fabric and handles
  • Durable stitching


  • Only offered in one color


This is an affordable option for those just starting in yoga trapeze. It is easy to install thus one can get started immediately. For beginners, the PDF guide is very useful and you also get a manual on how to use the ARBrand hammock. The travel bag made it easier to bring it on the go so you can hang your yoga sling anywhere you go.It is not only for those doing yoga trapeze but this hammock is also great for the whole family. Overall it is a comfortable and reliable high-quality item that serves its purpose and more.
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