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Choosing The Best Yoga Trapeze

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If you want to take yoga to the next level, yoga trapeze should be the next thing to try. Get upside down, do some tricks, and give your spine the exercise it needs. You might ask what yoga trapeze is anyway and what makes it different from the usual yoga on the mat? Yoga trapeze, also known as yoga swing, is a swing-like contraption that acts as a tool that allows one to hang from while doing yoga postures and muscle strengthening techniques





   Yoga Swing – Antigravity Yoga Hammock – Aerial Trapeze – Beginner PDF Guide Included  $$  4.9/5
Aerial Yoga Swing – Ultra Strong Antigravity Yoga Hammock/Trapeze/Sling  $$  4.5/5
 YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze [official] – Yoga Swing/Sling/Inversion Tool, Purple with Free DVD  $$$  4.7/5
   CO-Z Aerial Yoga Swing Sling Trapeze Inversion Equipment Flying Yoga Hammock Anti-Gravity (Blue kit)  $  4.4/5

Yoga Trapeze Reviews

A soft mat is not the only thing you need, but one that does not slip around as well. Slips and falls from yoga can be pretty dangerous, but a great non-slip yoga mat can prevent these injuries.

Nobody wants to slip and slide around while trying to strike poses, so let’s get to it and look at some of the best non-slip yoga mats out there right now.

Yoga Swing – Antigravity Yoga Hammock – Aerial Yoga Trapeze

If you want to take yoga to the next level, yoga trapeze should be the next thing to try. Get upside down, do some tricks, and give your spine the exercise it needs. You might ask what yoga trapeze is anyway and what makes it different from the usual yoga on the mat? Yoga trapeze, also known as yoga swing, is a swing-like contraption that acts as a tool that allows one to hang from while doing yoga postures and muscle strengthening techniques.

The biggest benefit of this is that it lengthens the space between the vertebrae. Compression of the spine is the reason for back pain thus practicing yoga trapeze which is a natural inversion therapy is an effective way to treat a bad back.

This technique also helps supply the brain with fresh oxygen. Will you try yoga trapeze? If you’re thinking of doing yoga trapeze tricks then you need your own sling.


In order to maximize the health benefits of yoga trapeze and minimize the chances of getting injured, one needs to have a trusted yoga swing. This anti-gravity yoga hammock sling can be used anywhere may it be in a yoga studio, at home, or outside.

It can be used as professional equipment for different levels of yoga trapeze and also doubles as a hammock for a comfortable nap or rest. The carry bag includes 6 EVA handles, 2 hanging straps, 4 heavy duty carabineers, and a beginner PDF guide. Note that it can withstand a weight of up to 400 pounds and is suitable for both men and women.


  • With PDF beginner guide and carry bag
  • Sturdy carabineers
  • Super soft fabric and handles
  • Durable stitching


  • Only offered in one color


This is an affordable option for those just starting in yoga trapeze. It is easy to install thus one can get started immediately. For beginners, the PDF guide is very useful and you also get a manual on how to use the ARBrand hammock.

The travel bag made it easier to bring it on the go so you can hang your yoga sling anywhere you go.It is not only for those doing yoga trapeze but this hammock is also great for the whole family.

Overall it is a comfortable and reliable high-quality item that serves its purpose and more.

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Aerial Yoga Swing – Ultra Strong Antigravity Yoga Trapeze

Are you into yoga? Then have you heard of yoga trapeze? It is a yoga suspension system with a swing-like contraption aids you in getting into different positions. Watching one do this is like watching a circus show! But aside from it looking badass and cool, what other benefits can an individual reap from this seemingly dangerous exercise? Well, it’s all good stuff and you simply have to push, pull, and hold.

Yoga trapeze strengthens the core and upper body, invigorates the back, lengthens the spine, and sends fresh oxygen to the brain. It also assists the body in doing deeper backbends that cannot be easily done in normal circumstances. Trapezing can be done outdoors under the sun or indoors under the roof. You can choose to do it alone or in teams. And if you decide to join the club, you might want to have your own yoga sling.


To be able to execute each yoga trapeze poses, it is important to pick a high-quality yoga hammock. This aerial yoga swing is perfect for inversion exercises. It is vibrantly colored, created from high strength parachute material fabric, and has a swing set.

The multi-loop climber strength daisy chains have a capacity of 200 lbs. thus ensuring your safety. Handles are padded to provide comfort and avoid your hands and feet from suffering. It also withstands any hard push and pulls while inverted. So you can ease yourself and feel secure with these features.

All these are packed in a black stowaway pouch enabling you to bring it anywhere, you can do yoga trapeze wherever and whenever you want.


  • Comes in different color options
  • Easy to switch out
  • Very sturdy
  • Affordable price


  • No mounting hardware
  • No instructions and set-up guide


If you are just starting in yoga trapeze and is looking for your first yoga swing, this is one of the best choices. The helpful customer service is also a big help if you find yourself confused in setting up instructions. As for the mounting hardware, you can just purchase it separately at a cheap price.

It might be hard to get comfortable on it but after a few tries, you’ll get used to it. Use it on a regular basis and reap the awesome benefits of inversion therapy all the while witnessing how this high-quality swing endures your weight and stretches.

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YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze

Almost 80% of the America population is complaining of backaches at some point in their lifetime. Isn’t it troubling? What’s more alarming is finding an all-natural relief without major side effects is difficult, but not anymore with yoga trapeze. This form of yoga uses a hammock-like aid that helps an individual get into certain ansas or postures.

It is typically a full body workout and an inversion therapy. Yoga trapeze had been found to be a very effective help in reducing back pains, strengthening the core, and pulls the spine apart. A compressed spine is the main cause of back pain and giving it traction is how to ease the common ailment.

No need for drug medication or surgery. What you need is a good stretch and yoga trapeze will give you that.


A yoga swing is a necessity when doing yoga trapeze thus picking the right one is important. This model is popular among YogaBody studios worldwide to the extent that several set up tutorial can be found on YouTube. But with how easy it is to set up, you might not need any of those videos.

The kit includes the main sling, four carabiners, two sets of handles (three each set), two climber-strength knotted ropes, and a drawstring bag to store it all. And to assure every yogi, it offers quality assurance with 10-years parts guarantee. Having any mechanical problems? They’ll replace it for you.


  • 10 years warranty
  • Easily accessible setup tutorial
  • With free Level 1 video tutorial


  • No basic installation hooks
  • Limited color options


This product is trusted by many and is endorsed by yoga enthusiasts. Positive feedbacks had been given and most yogis who bought this yoga swing are satisfied with their purchase. The sturdy and strong materials last longer than you’ll expect and provides a safe, deep, and unassisted backbend.

On top of this all, it is budget-friendly and doesn’t leave a hole in your pockets. Some may find it uncomfortable to use but it takes time especially when you’re a beginner. Limited colors are being offered and few wished it came in more colors to match their home decors.

Another thing that is advantageous in buying this yoga swing is that it offers 10 years warranty, no need to worry about buying a new one after a year or two. To sum it up, the pros outweigh the cons so it’ll be a great purchase for everyone doing yoga trapeze.

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CO-Z Aerial Yoga Swing Sling Trapeze Inversion Equipment Flying Yoga Hammock Anti-Gravity

Yoga trapeze seems to be a tricky thing with all the hanging and difficult postures but don’t be intimidated. Once you get on the swing and take your feet off the ground it’ll be easier.

If that doesn’t convince you, if that doesn’t convince you, think of all the good things you’ll be getting from this. It’ll treat your back pains better than any medication you’ve ever had and without the side effects. But make sure to take extra caution if you have high blood pressure or glaucoma.

Yoga trapeze also relieves nerve stress, energizes the body and mind, pulls the spine apart lengthening it, and strengthening the core. So are you ready to de-stress your mind and body? Then you’ll need a yoga swing right away.


This inversion equipment kit includes a long yoga cloth in the middle, 4 independent carabiners, 3 spongy foam handles, and a set of 3 training belts. The parachute is made of sturdy and soft polyester taffeta (a crisp and smooth fabric) and can securely hold a weight up to 400 pounds.

It is made of high-quality materials resulting in a well-made yoga trapeze equipment capable of being used for practicing backbends, stretching, inversions, splits, and various challenging yoga postures.

You can relax and focus on doing yoga ansas and not worry about the safety and quality of your hammock. It also comes with a sturdy matching pouch where you can put everything and leisurely carry it with you.


  • Great non-slip underside
  • Enviro-friendly
  • Large size
  • Thick and comfy
  • Sade to use
  • Comes with a carrying strap
  • Easy to clean – doesn’t absorb smells


  • Susceptible to sunlight and extreme temperatures


You can never go wrong with the right yoga swing kit. This CO-Z yoga trapeze is within your budget which also means you’re getting your back treated at a cheaper and safer way. The low price might raise suspicion but rest assured that the product is high quality and ensures the user’s experience is up to par. Even if you’re on the heavier side, it can hold you and help you achieve the flexibility needed to say goodbye to backache. If you love doing stretching or just wants to shoo away the back pain problems, this purchase is great for you. Experts and beginners are raving about how trustworthy CO-Z Aerial Yoga Swing Sling Trapeze Inversion Equipment is.

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