IUGA Non-Slip, Extra Thick Yoga Mat Review

IUGA Non-Slip, Extra Thick Yoga Mat Review

IUGA Non-Slip, Extra Thick Yoga Mat Review
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IUGA is a small family business which works hard to design and manufacture the highest quality yoga equipment. All their products are designed by yogis in the spirit of yoga ensuring you get only the best, and the IUGA Non-Slip, Extra Thick Yoga Mat is no different.

When shopping for yoga equipment quality is of the utmost importance and most yogis will spend a bit extra to get the best. With the IUGA products, you are getting the best and don’t have to pay extra for it as their yoga mats are well priced and in line with yoga mats with similar features.

IUGA has made certain that you get the best quality at the best price without compromising safety.

Gone are the days when the only yoga mats you could find were made of PVC and NBR. Nowadays most good quality yoga mats are made with TPE which is much better for your health and gives added durability.

With different thickness yoga mats available buying a yoga mat may seem like a daunting task to someone just starting out with yoga. The important things to look for in a yoga mat are that it should be durable and long-lasting, non-toxic, non-slip and the perfect thickness for your needs.

Choosing the perfect thickness yoga mat for you will depend on a few factors, let’s add some clarity to this by having a look at the fantastic features that the IUGA non-slip, extra thick yoga mat has to offer.

IUGA Non-Slip, Extra Thick Yoga Mat Features

First and foremost, the IUGA Non-Slip, Extra Thick Yoga Mat is made using TPE, so it contains no harmful chemicals, it is non-toxic, durable, PVC and latex free. TPE is also hypo-allergenic making it safe to use for adults and children.

The IUGA Non-Slip, Extra Thick Yoga Mat boasts extra length, width, and thickness. The advantages of it being extra wide and longer than normal are easy to see and are why this mat is a great choice for people that are taller than average.

The average thickness of most yoga mats I have used is approximately 6 mm while the IUGA Non-Slip, Extra Thick Yoga Mat is 7 mm.

The extra thickness is a bit more complex and yogis have different opinions on whether or not a thicker yoga mat is actually better. Well, that would depend on you and your needs. If you have suffered or suffer from back or knee pain a thicker mat is definitely the best way to go. It will offer more cushioning giving you a comfortable workout.

Some will argue that the added thickness will compromise your balance making you unstable which could be dangerous. However, the cell structure of the IUGA Non-Slip, Extra Thick Yoga Mat is such that you get the extra cushioning without compromising your balance and it gives you a safe and comfortable workout in one.

If you are new to yoga or practicing alone at home the alignment stripes on the mat will prove to be invaluable to you. It helps you learn and perfect all your different yoga poses safely keeping your core aligned.

IUGA Non-Slip, Extra Thick Yoga Mat gives you a reversible design with different non-slip textures so no matter where you and what pose you are in you will always be safe and not slip. A tip to add to the grip is to wipe your mat with a damp cloth before you start your exercise.

A more rigid texture gives the yoga mat extra grip on all types of floor surfaces including tiles, wood, and carpets. The less textured side gives you excellent grip so that your hands, elbows, knees or feet don’t slip. This is extremely important and will help you prevent injury.

For such a thick yoga mat, the IUGA Non-Slip, Extra Thick Yoga Mat is surprisingly lightweight, and easy to roll and carry. As with all TPE yoga mats, it is easy to clean and odorless.


  • The extra thickness of 7mm for extra cushioning without compromising balance and stability
  • Non-slip, double-sided textured non-slip grip
  • Won’t slip on any surface and elbows, knees, hands, and feet won’t slip even when sweaty
  • Made of top quality TPE so it is durable, long-lasting, and non-toxic
  • TPE is PVC and latex free with no harmful chemicals so the mat is hypo-allergenic
  • Safe for both children and adults to use
  • The IUGA Non-Slip, Extra Thick Yoga Mat will not absorb moisture and sweat so with proper maintenance will remain odorless though out its lifetime
  • Alignment stripes on the on the yoga mat, help you keep your core straight and are extremely helpful to beginners
  • The one-year guarantee allows you to purchase the IUGA Non-Slip, Extra Thick Yoga Mat, risk-free
  • It does come with a strap to secure the mat once rolled for safe storage


  • Depending on your needs some yogis find that 7mm is too thick
  • Limited colors to choose from.
  • The small strap is slightly short, so it is difficult to carry over your shoulder.


The IUGA Non-Slip, Extra Thick Yoga Mat is easy to maintain and clean, cleaning it regularly will prolong its lifespan and keep it odorless and hygienic. As with most TPE yoga mats, it is easily cleaned using a diluted mixture of soap and water to wipe it down. It is important to rinse off all the soap solution before air drying.

Another way to clean your yoga mat if you don’t want to use soap is to make a solution of vinegar and water, let your yoga mat soak in the solution for about 30min and then air dry.

As someone who has suffered from a knee injury, I can highly recommend the IUGA Non-Slip, Extra Thick Yoga Mat, it will give you all the extra cushioning you need and won’t compromise your balance and stability.

The IUGA Non-Slip, Extra Thick Yoga Mat is environmentally friendly and health conscious and everything you would expect from a top-class yoga mat that has been designed in the spirit of yoga.

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