Yoga Swing By WNG Brands Aerial Yoga Back Inversion Sling Review

Yoga Swing By WNG Brands Aerial Yoga Back Inversion Sling Review

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How does one know they’re buying the right kind of yoga swing? Well, it varies for every person. It is similar to finding a soul mate that will be with you through the process of being back pain-free. A good kit is essential to maximize the benefits of the inversion therapy. To give you some tips for the ideal hammock/swing, take note of the following: size, weight capacity, portability, and warranty. You should pick a yoga swing that can put up with the size of your body; of course, it needs to support and hold you thus checking the load capacity is as important. These two should be the first things to be considered as it means your safety. Next is the portability, you don’t want to miss your session just because you’re traveling right? And also, a warranty is handy if ever you find some defects in any product. With this, you can return it and ask for a replacement. So remember these things while you browse Amazon for a yoga trapeze kit.


You deserve nothing less than the highest quality. This yoga trapeze is better than the inversion table that takes up more room space. This kit consists of a durable parachute fabric yoga swing, 4 carabiner hooks, 2 yoga swing arms with 6 foam handles, detailed pose guide instructions, and a carry bag. The whole thing has a load capacity of 450 lbs. and comes in 3 different colors. The clips and knots are tough, secure, and versatile. The set comes in three striking colors so you can choose the one that best matches your sports clothing or other yoga gear. Customers can also enjoy a risk-free purchase with a lifetime money back guarantee.


  • Lifetime money back warranty
  • Striking color options
  • Easy to install


  • Needs additional hanging hardware and extensions
  • No installation instructions


Yoga swings should be strong and durable otherwise it is dangerous. To feel secure that you are using high-quality yoga swing set, WNG Brands created one that will make you feel unmatched safety and comfort. The striking colors are impressive and are a plus along with the lifetime money back guarantee. This purchase is worth every penny and is a great investment for the whole family. Yoga Swing By WNG Brands is risk-free and they have a strong stand with that.

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